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3D Printing News

Desktop Metal is an ambitious company that wants to expand its metal 3D printing technology. The company has just announced that it has gotten an additional $115 million in funding to do this. Traditionally most of the 3D printing business has consisted of private companies that are self-funded. This has given founders a lot of control but has meant that 3D printing companies have raised a lot less capital than other start ups. Desktop Metal and Carbon3D are changing this by raising tens of millions to fund their technology development and expansion. Will these new well capitalized 3D printing companies win?


Stratasys has been picked to make plastic 3D printed parts for the Airbus A350 XWB aircraft. Airbus generally has a lot of catching up to do with printing aircraft parts with Boeing and has selected Stratasys to do it for them.

3D printing combined with AR or VR is an exciting mix. This is sure to be a key route to 3D printed designs in the future. Right now some experiments in using the Hololens to make 3D printed art are being done.

Hackaday is looking at the powerful combination between 3D printing and manufacturing.

3D Printables of the Week

You probably need a 3D printed floppy disk drive enclosure in your life. If you don’t know what that is then it is kind of like a USB stick but bigger with less space on it.

Kind of creepy but also fun, 3D printed cartoon Adams Family hands.



3D Printing Videos of the Week

Remember those Mission Impossible masks, what if you could 3D print them?

3D printed engine models have been around for a number of years now, they’re a great way to visualize how a petrol engine works.

A giant electric Lego 3D printed skateboard.

A comparison between a 3D printed and laser cut pencil holder.

SEB Group which is behind Tefal and other global brands is working on 3D printed spare parts to fight planned obsalencence.

3D Printing Patents & Research of the Week

4D printing is the much hyped idea that your 3D print may change shape after printing. This paper looks at how folding patterns in 3D printed objects can influence how they behave.

This team made a 3D printed wall climbing robot.

Eventually webcams will be used to monitor most 3D printers this study looks at an open source way to do this.

This paper looks at a 3D printed human anatomy museum.

What the muggles are talking about…

Another promotional press piece about the $99 Kodama Obsidian. This printer has been greeted with skepticism by a lot of people but continues to get a lot of PR. Is $99 the new price for 3D printers? Or is this too cheap?

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