A nice scraper for your build platform.
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3D Printables of the Week

A nice scraper for your build platform.

A nice scraper for your build platform.

Some totally new reindeer or this sleigh ornament, this pendant, they gyroscopic ornament, these articulated toys or this Uber tree may just be right for your holidays. Whereas you could build many things with this geodesic dome connector kit throughout the year. Or you could just use this to hang up your shower head on a horizontal bar. Or print this handy scraper for your bed. Or make for yourself and a loved one a nice pendant.

A five heart pendant.

A five heart pendant.


3D Printing images and video of the week

The world’s first 3D printed gingerbread house.

This guy is rebuilding a Stratasys BST printer.

Enhancing Lego Technik parts with 3D printing.


The NASA 3D printed habitat challenge.


Casting jewelry with the Formlabs Form 2 3D printer.


A Rogue One Helmet.

MakePrintable News

We’re going ahead with rolling out our major new update to ever bigger groups of users, so keep your eyes peeled for a completely new look and feel.

A lovely snowman.

A lovely snowman.

We’ve made a lovely new Printable for you, a snowman for the holidays.

3D Printing research of the week

Topology optimization for 3D printing is an important area where a lot of parts can be made with significantly more functionality.

Fraud and Froth in the 3D Printing market.

This paper deals with Easy Splint a software application for splits in corrective surgery.

3D Printing patents of the week

This shower nozzle 3D printing patent is especially for making rubber materials.

This patent for sandprinting makes for an automated sand printing system.

What the muggles are talking about

CBS News talks about 3D Printing cars.

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