A Lovely 3D Printed mini Hot Rod.
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Many exciting things are happening this week. We’ve got 3D printed hot rod models, heatproofing using 3D printing and car parts manufactured with 3D printing.

3D Printables of the Week

A Lovely 3D Printed mini Hot Rod.

A Lovely 3D Printed mini Hot Rod.

Maybe your bike needs a rearview mirror? The Gripper Thumb is a radical improvement for desktop 3D printed prosthetics. A Christmas sock piggybank. A very well designed toothbrush holder. A Batwing for you book? A DeathStar Keychain anyone? This is a beautiful version of Tony Starks hot rod.

The death star in your pocket.

The death star in your pocket.

3D Printing News of the Week

Deutsche Welle tells us on an innovative way to use 3D printing for wildlife conservation.

TechCrunch gives us a basic overview of patent risks and 3D Printing.

Can 3D Printing used to heatproof electronics?

MakePrintable News

We made a lovely Thanksgiving model for you to print. It is a Turkey Napkin holder, download it here.

We’re in the midst of test rolling out mayor new changes and improvements to MakePrintable. We’re going to invite our community to test out the new functionality bit by bit. Stay tuned!

3D Printing Images and Video of the week.

The Prusa i3 Mk is a much talked about kit printer, do you want to know how to build one? Check out the below time lapse.

Over the coming years a lot will happen at the intersection of AR/VR and 3D printing. AR and VR tools could become important inputs to get many people to 3D model. Below is a video by Make showing how to use the Oculus Medium to 3D model and 3D print.

Fischer is a great company that makes lots of tooling and also electronics kits. This a review of their 3D printer.


The Divergent 3D is a 3D printed supercar.

Hoffman Engineering unboxes the XYZ Printing Nobel 1.0 Advanced SLA printer.

The Tiko 3D printer is a super low cost crowdfunded printer. This is an unboxing of the new system.

The Blocks Zero is a super cute tiny 3D printer that will be looking for crowdfunding soon.

3D Printing research of the week.

This is a good overview article on the state of ceramics 3D printing.

3DHubs matches 3D printers with people who want to print, but what if you could optimize this using algorithms?

Many people are talking about consumers personalizing 3D printed products. Getting them to do so and getting them to feel the value is however more complex than many people realize. This paper explores some research being done on if people like to make and design custom 3D printed things.

3D Printing patents of the week.

A patent drawing of MarkForged's 3D printing process.

A patent drawing of MarkForged’s 3D printing process.

MarkForged is a revolutionary FDM type technology whereby you can print composite materials such as Kevlar. Here is the patent explaining how it works.

Magma is a large car parts supplier and here they’re filing for a patent on a particular way to 3D print car mirrors.

What the muggles are talking about….

AP informs us of the world’s first 3D printing restaurant.

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