A Skateboard Coat Hanger.
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A nifty little project.

A nifty little project.

In the run up to Christmas we have 3D printed arms, Westworld mazes, stethoscopes, stormtroopers, droids, Ford engines, submersibles, watermarks and RC Planes.

3D Printables of the Week

The elusive and hilarious Julius Cesar Knife block makes an appearance once again. Are you a maniacal Westworld fan? Print out the maze here. Combine a high gain microphone and 3D printing to make a stethoscope. This low poly Stormtrooper was one of my coolest 3D prints this month. 3D Print the legendary Ford 427ci Cobra V8 engine.

This is a very stylish skateboard based coat hanger.

A Skateboard Coat Hanger.

A Skateboard Coat Hanger.

These push out ornaments make a great Christmas give away. Want to know if Winter is coming? This 3D printed weather station project may be just the thing. The Kwawu arm is a great example of a remixed 3D printed prosthetic.

Kwawu Arm brown.

3D Printing News of the Week

Microsoft continues to embrace 3D printing now making its Builder app available on phones. By including Builder in Windows 10 and shipping it on phones Microsoft is continuing to show that it is serious about 3D printing. Can the Redmond giant put 3D printing in your living room?

Mount Sinai Hospital launches its own 3D printing service. This development could point to more providers of medical services joining the 3D Printing industry. Perhaps it could lead to some of them bypassing orthopedics companies and other vendors. By going direct hospitals could gain considerable cost advantages.

3D Printed Images and Video of the Week.

Many people have been working at the intersection of 3D printing and RC. This is a great example of a functioning RC plane.

These guys continue to blow my mind, now with this walking droid.

Big Area Additive Manufacturing has been heavily subsidized by the US government. One of the reasons for this is to enable the relatively low cost and rapid manufacturing of military vehicles.

Depowdering metal 3D printed parts is still very much an artesian process at the moment, check this out to see how its done.


3D Printing Research of the Week.

There is a constant interplay between a number of factors in 3D printing. In FDM your filament, the extrusion speed, nozzle pressure and a host of other factors have a huge impact on your results. This paper looks at temperature changes and how they affect the surface roughness of FDM 3D Prints, very handy.

This paper also looks at the quality of FDM parts trying to determine if Fused Deposition Modeling using desktop 3D Printers is suitable for medical applications. Many researchers are already using the technology and desktop machines in clinical and research settings.

3D Printing Patents of the Week.

Many people have been speaking of using 3D printing to make spare parts. This is a potential threat to OEMs who usually make a bundle off of spare parts sales. Catepillar, who is investing considerable energies into 3D printing, has just patented a 3D printed watermark to make sure people can tell that 3D printed spare parts by Catepillar are authentic.

Adobe has just printed embedding a bar code in the object which includes some of the instructions to make that object, an idea I has a number of years ago.

What the muggles are talking about...

Hackaday warns us that 3D printers can catch fire.

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