Save the Pangolins by printing them.
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We’ve released the completely new and improved MakePrintable for you. We hope you like our new UI, new faster fixing and features such as Intelligent Wall Thickness!

3D Printing News of the Week

The T3D smartphone 3D printer uses your smartphone’s screen to 3D print resins. The ingeniously made printer could greatly lower the cost of 3D printing.  

3D Printed Organ models coming to a medical school near you?

3D Printed Organ models coming to a medical school near you?

A new startup aims to make cheap medical models for medical students.

Kickstarter darling Next Dynamics now has some serious doubters as to if their technology works.


3D Printables of the Week

The 3D printed blob ring

The 3D printed blob ring

Landrover slot cars anyone? These belt buckles will look lovely in BronzeFill. Make shapes in light with this LED bracelet. Pangolins are adorable creatures and this print is equally adorable. You may have thought that your life would be complete once you would have a patio swing. Make your life completer still with this patio swing cup holder. The blob ring, the gift for that special someone in your life? This posture trainer improves your swimming posture. This could point to many thousands of applications of similar devices.

Save the Pangolins by printing them.

Save the Pangolins by printing them.

3D Printing Images and Video of the Week


This video shows you how to convert your 3D printer to a plotter.


Wolverine Claws?

Fusion 360 is a handy CAD application for 3D printing, this video is a quick tutorial of Fusion.

Beautiful things made with 3D printing pens

Robert Cowan is taking a Stratasys BST 3D printer and rebuilding it.

The 101Hero is one of the cheapest printers you can buy, does it work well?


3D Printing Research of the Week

In this paper electroless metalization of SLA (stereolithography) parts is discussed. This may enable another path to functioning metal 3D prints.

Harvard is 3D printing transparent conductive hydrogels.

A new journal will explore 3D printing in medicine.

What the muggles are talking about..

Viking history is being brought back to life with 3D printing.

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