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3D Printing News

Is 3D printing safe a new study looking into VOC emissions asks.

The UAE’s first fully 3D printed prosthetic leg is fitted to an amputee horse rider.

The Centre Pompidou is hosting a dedicated 3D printed art and design show. Olivier van Herpt and other designers showcase their work in various 3D printing technologies.

An MIT team looked towards conch shells for inspiration to find stronger armor. Bio-inpsired design and engineering solutions are very popular right now and increasingly being considered for manufacturing as well.

13 year old boys start fidget spinner 3D printing business. This is an example of what more people should be doing in order to maximize our use of the technology.

3D Printed Shareables and Files 

A truncated tetrahedron vase.


Ingenious minimalist soap holder.

3D printing is widely used in prosthetics but there may be many more applications such as occupational therapy.

A super light weight OpenSCAD customizable drone design.


3D Printing Videos

A video of the Ready to Crawl biologically inspired 3D printed creatures.

The World’s Largest Fidget Spinner! 3D PRINTED.

A 3D printed boat model being played with by baboons.

Family Guy is also 3D printing things

Avocado Man is a nice figurine.

Siemens is continuing to make 3D printed turbine blades.

3D Printing Research and Patents

Cellulose nanocrystals have been used as a 3D printing material, this is a potentially very abundant material with interesting properties.

Stretchable sensors 3D printed on the body. This advance has a lot of potential applications not only in wearables but also in IoT type applications.

What the muggles are talking about…

Cnet is giving away a M3D 3D printer.

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