MakePrintable's team camps out late to deliver releases
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Almost a week left before MakePrintable launches it Public Beta version, the team is geared up and working day and night to ensure deliverability.

It’s has been an interesting experience since our private beta testing started five months ago. Mixed Dimensions team had worked 14 hour shifts, and ordering falafel to the office for dinner every night! But never the less happy to see that our service level will be optimal for the public beta launch, and we are ready to open the floodgates of users and put our tech out there for feedback.

Gotheming at MXD3D's

MakePrintable's team camps out late to deliver releases Read, more about how MakePrintable’s team will do whatever it takes to release and meet deadlines.

Here’re a few states about what we learned.

  1. We managed to sign up 4,000 beta testers who are Makers, or 3D hobbyists, and 3D designers.
  2. 2000+ fixes (1/3 through API’s and rest uploaded directly)
  3. Below 10% of models failed to repair.

We’ve seen all sort of models being uploaded, and novice and experts use MakePrintable.

Here’s how people have defined using MakePrintable. Nothing makes us happier than to deliver

“We’ve tried dozens of 3D print cleanup solutions and pipelines but the results have always been unsatisfactory. We have been very impressed with what we’ve seen and tested with MakePrintable and we look forward to following their progress as they enter public beta- we have high hopes for this tool.”
Berkley Frei  – VP-3D Printing


The models that were unsuccessful are handled by our RnD team and added to a challenge batch. We will not sleep until we ensure each model can be fixed on MakePritnable.


Integration and plugins

To streamline your MakePritnable experience, we have managed to connect with top 3D CAD design software, file storages/sharing, to provide a holistic 3D printing cycle. From file fixing to storage, and exports to print shops.



We are preparing MakePrintable’s business team and have been recruiting some fresh minds. We managed to hire

  1. Michael Makdah as our Marketing Manager
  2. Rula Arafat as our Human Resources Manager
  3. Kanaan Manasra as our project manager

and we are looking into hiring the following positions.

  1. Creative Director.
  2. Front end web developer.
  3. Software Engineers – Ninja Team


One week from today,

The doors will be open for users, and MakePrintable and the MXD3D team will be put to the test once again. We are growing our technology organically, and in the direction of our users feedback.

On behalf of the MakePrintable team, I confidently say.

We are confident in our tech, and that we will be a major contender in the 3D printing space.

Stay tuned for big announcements.

Mo Taslaq

CEO and co-founder of Mixed Dimension



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