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Hello, MakePrintable.

We’ve just made a big release and finished our sprint continuum and wanted to let you about it.

Four big announcements!


The Big Ones!

First and foremost we are happy to say that repairs are now for Free. We switched from reducing your account from repairs to downloads. So enjoy as many repairs as you like they are free! WOOP! 🙌

Second, we’ve introduced MakePrintable’s Labs which allows you to beta test future mesh repair algorithms, and other, other cool stuff before we take them live.🔬 🔬 🔬

Third and the most important big news here. We are BETA testing a new Mesh repair approach called Mammoth GPU. We need your feedback before we take it live. You can access Mammoth through our LABS section. We invite you to take it for a test drive here.🐘 🐘 🐘

Fourth we added an Education Page to invite the academic world into our platform. If you are, a University/School reach out to us here and get early access to our education plan before it launches. 📐 📏 ✏️

Here are other release highlights:


Reduce polygon count API call, allowing you to reduce the triangles in your 3D model before printing.

API – User/Application Info Endpoints to allow you app developers to pull information about their app users.

Check out our API section. Click here.



User – Repair – Slider 🛴 🛴 🛴

We listened to your feedback and returned the sliders instead of the buttons on the repair settings page. “So 🙌”

User – Repair – Progress Bar – Model Loading Image. Check it out and upload a model and see it in action.

Enhancing repose speed, so expect a much faster performance of our site.

App page

Redesign app page to improve UX.

My models

My model’s section got a small upgrade! Your models now have Thumbnails to help you recognize each one! No one likes reading the names.


Features page

We’ve dug deeper into details about each feature find out how we do our magic! Check them out here


Support page

We added a help center. To show you all the help options we offer, and how helpful we can be. Try it out here



We added an annual pricing to our Pro, and Plus plans. Allowing you to save tons of money (two months off) in case you’re saving up for your new 3D printer that you’ve been starving for the past year. Click here. 💰 💰 💰


User cancellation

For those Party stoppers who choose to leave our premium accounts, we’ve added a cancellation email to confirm the cancellation. 👾


MakePrintable & User – Page Header Look & Feel Design Update.

Uploader: If you upload a file that we don’t support, you will know about it 🙌


If you’re using our Thingiverse app to repair your things.

We’ve fixed the bugs with the Thingiverse viewer. Also when using the re-fix feature, you will not face errors anymore. YUP!

Go to Thingiverse here.


That’s it for this sprint, and it’s back to the Sprint planning tomorrow. If you got fantastic cool ideas for us drop me a line



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