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With every release, I will be sharing a list of updates for you to easily keep track of what’s new on MakePrintable.

We’ve made a lot of changes and feature updates since our official launch on 19.01.2017 and these are all available with our latest release launching this week.

Here’s a snapshot of our newest changes and features!


  • You can get an extra two weeks of MakePrintable for free!
    • If you haven’t activated your free trial yet, do it now and and by entering your credit card, your two free weeks will be extended to four free weeks.
  • We still want your feedback but we’ve moved this request to the end of the repair process to make it easier for you.
  • Pop-ups have been repositioned to improve your views.
  • We’ve added a G-Code error message just in case it freezes.  
  • We’ve added a Thumbnail Generator for uploaded and repaired 3D models so it will be easier for you to find them under your models screen.
  • We’ve changed the style of our footer. Check it out below.

New Model Formats

  • We now support for STEP and IGES CAD formats. You can now repair and print using this popular engineering file format.



  • We’ve added three new API endpoints for scaling, rotating, and moving 3D models, as an experimental feature.
  • We’ve added a new API endpoint “Close Holes” as an experimental feature.
  • We now support downloading STL, OBJ, 3MF, SVG, and GCode uploads through the API.
  • We’ve added a new API endpoint “Generate Thumbnail”.
  • We’ve updated the API Technical documentation and our API Terms of Use.



  • We increased the security of your account.



  • We’ve released a new plugin!  Download it now.
  • You will now receive the file in the correct size (in millimeters).
  • We will notify you when there are additional updates.   



  • We’ve bashed a ton of bugs resulting in a smoother experience for our users.


Developer App




That’s it with our news for this release.

Our newest sprint is already in the planning stages. If you have any suggestions for this upcoming sprint, feel free to drop us a line by e-mail or message us through our site after you log in to your MakePrintable account.

We are always working to change how you 3D print and make it a lot simpler for you.

See you at the next sprint release.



Marketing Manager


To see our previous release notes, please check last sprints release notes.


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