MixedDimensions and MakePrintable CEO Muhannad Taslaq
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Mixed Dimensions is lead and was Co-founded by Muhannad Taslaq our CEO and Baha Abu Nojaim our CTO, Muhannad or “Mo” as he prefers to be called at the office, co-founded the company with a wealth of 3D and Gaming experience.

One of Mixed Dimensions core services in making all files 3D printable is MakePrintable. We wanted you to meet our CEO and tell you more about why we fix files, what the impact of 3D printing will be and what MakePrintable will do in the future.

What did you do before 3D printing?

Before 3D Printing, I worked in several companies as Business Development Manager in the field of Technology and software. I also established my own Gaming Studio which was led by my passion for gaming and content – proudly that was my first startup and my first failure

How did you first get involved with 3D printing?

When we started Mixed Dimensions we had the vision of becoming a major player in the field of 3D Software Development. Since 3D Printing is built on the concept of turning 3D visual files into physical objects we decided to explore our technology with 3D Printing especially since we saw the opportunities 3D Printing will be creating in every industry out there in the short and long term.

What excited you about it?

When I first saw 3D Printing I realized that we are up to something big regardless of the hype that was around the technology itself , the possibilities that come with 3D Printing will revolutionize the way we live and will touch every aspect of our lives.  Since I was a geeky fan of Syfy I realized that the impact will be so huge with future implementations that will revolutionize medicine,manufacturing, entertainment and construction. Imagine a robot re-construing an exact replica of certain human body parts using 3D Printing, on the technological level just seeing your designs come to life is more than enough to keep you hooked for life.

What do you think the long term prospects of 3D printing are?

3D Printing is a future technology that will phase into different segments depending on the creativity of the applications that are implemented around it , the technology is being developed and is improving day after day giving people the ability to use their imagination to create so many amazing ideas that will impact every industry out there, from my perspective 3D Printing has a great prospect for construction, medical and entertainment industries without forgetting that it will disrupt manufacturing as we know it as anything physical that can be printed will be available on IP protected libraries for you to download and print just with a click of a button.

Mo tinkering with a 3D Printer at Mixed Dimensions office.

Mo tinkering with a 3D Printer at Mixed Dimensions office.

What does MakePrintable hope to achieve?

MakePrintable was developed to bridge the gap between 3D Printers and content as there is no easy, streamlined and automated way of taking a 3D file from anywhere and printing it on any printer out there. This is due to so many constrains that involve the model itself and the printer specifications, we have the vision of “Right-Click and Print” where a person can print any file on any printer without worrying about failures, time, physical and material costs.
What is the start up scene like in Amman?

Jordan has been known for producing high quality caliber people for the world , now with all the technology development and financial problems worldwide we have seen that there is a big number of startup founders emerging to solve real life problems, the scene is relatively new with great potential and many failures that are contributing to a well structured ecosystem that is built by entrepreneurs, I have seen many initiatives to support entrepreneurs on incubation, funding and mentoring levels and I am comfortable enough to say that there is a big hope for major success stories in this part of the world

Is it hard to do a software start up in Jordan?

Its hard to create software anywhere in the world , the key is to have the support and a healthy ecosystem to push you forward, most of the startups we have in Jordan are E-commerce sites that are doing great which made most of the experience here evolve around e-commerce leaving little space for software IP creativity that is why we decided to move into the Silicon Vally for a more advanced ecosystem that will enable us to test , build and commercialize the technology we have built

Does being in Jordan have its advantages?

Yes, the initial advantage is that we have access to great talent that match the talent in so many technology enabled countries with competitive compensation advantages that gives you the ability to employ a larger number of engineers to accelerate the development of any startup or technology company

There is a big maker community in Jordan, this part of the region is known for creativity and innovation throughout the history, the issue is that we don’t have a structured body or entity to gather the makers and to build on their creativity utilizing the latest technology trends, currently Mixed Dimensions is building and contributing to building this community through our internal programs, our engagement in establishing the new Jordan FabLab and through our presence in Universities and schools.

Why do you 3D Print?

I 3D Print because I can simply touch, feel and tinker any 3D model I like or want to use as a functional tool to enhance my productivity.

What are some exciting trends your seeing in 3D Printing?

I loved the food 3D Printing development and I am really interested in the use of 3D Printing for construction, on a technological level I am really interested in new emerging Printers like Carbon and the new HP Printer

What are your best tips for someone new to 3D printing?

Test, Fail, Test and succeed – learn slowly about 3D Printing and don’t allow yourself to become distracted by the hype.

Should everyone’s mom buy a 3D printer?

Yes they should because 3D Printing is bringing creativity back to people, instead of just playing games on your smart phone you can utilize your children’s creativity from inside your own home.

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