12 May. 20150
Author: Mohammad Ashqar Category: Technology

G Code is the language used to tell automated machines how to make something in steps, in the case of 3D printers, G Code is a set of commands that instructs printers to create 3D objects. In the case of FDM printers for example, G Code controls the printer’s nozzles’ movement,...

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Author: Faisal Nimri Category: Latest News

3D Model Fix Case: Boundary Edge You can see here that the 3D Model is formed by different components placed over each other, resulting in intersecting geometries, and exposed boundary edges. MakePrintable fixes those issues by detecting and connecting boundary edges to fill any missing geometry to insure the...

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10 Apr. 201513
Author: Baha Abu Nojaim Category: Technology

3D printing is finally entering a new stage and it is starting to fulfill its promise with the advancement of printers, materials and services. Consumer 3D printers such as New Matter, fast running disruptive printers such as Carbon3D and the aid of printing services such as Sculpteo are working on delivering that promise and  paving...

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