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Mammoth Release
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Attention 3D Makers!

Here’s to another chapter complete!

Mammoth Main Tech

Key takeaways

  • Mammoth is MakePrintable’s Primary Mesh Repair Technology. Start your 14 days trial 
  • We are offering a 50% off Promotion in celebration of Mammoth’s Release.
  • Prices have changed
  • We now offer repair profiles
  • We’ve created a new side menu
  • We now offer upgraded Gcode reverser in labs
  • We have improved our UX-UI with enhanced speed plus a new look for emails

For full details here’s the release notes

Mammoth is now our primary Repair tech; you can switch between mammoth and the original repair tech if you would like to see a comparison. All free users will have access to Mammoth repairs for the next two weeks after (Sep-20-017). After the two week promotion, we will switch back to the original repair solution and Mammoth becomes exclusive to our premium members. For more about Mammoth and our user’s feedback check out this previous blog post; here is Mammoth’s introductory post straight from our co-founder and CTO Baha AbuNojaim.

Studio Plan

We are introducing, Studio, a new plan that caters towards online businesses, studios, and 3D printing shops.

We changed our prices which only applies to new premium account upgrades. Early adopters will remain with their original pricing plan as long as their accounts are active and/or they don’t upgrade or cancel.

The new monthly Membership prices are:

Pro $9.99
Plus $24.99
Studio $99.99

Repair Files

We are trying out new Repair Profiles. We created three different Repair Profiles depending on what output you’re looking to obtain. The things that differentiate each Repair Profile are wall thickness and clearance settings. Although we introduced new Repair Profiles, we always recommend testing wall thickness and clearance settings to get your desired output. Remember – Repairs are free, so feel free to try as many different combinations until you get exactly what you’re looking for.

General: Good for hobbyists and if you’re just dabbling around. It will close your model’s small holes as we selected a low clearance setting, and nothing will happen to the wall thickness except ensuring your model’s walls are thick enough for printing.

Mechanical: Good if you want maintain your model’s geometric integrity and keep its outer shell dimensions preserved. We don’t do much on the clearance side since most of the mechnical parts don’t really have holes in the mesh.

Artists: Good if you want to close small holes and add a bit of thickness as artistic models can have very thin walls.


General Updates

UX UI changes now include a new side menu. We’ve redesigned our pricing page and made some changes to the dashboard. Check out the new side menu

We’ve moved our Gcode reverser to our Labs section. Convert G-codes to STL’s now click here. 

We’ve introduced a double opt-in to filter out fake accounts and dedicate more precious server time for our actual users.

We’ve added Product based questions after your repair to encourage you to give us more detailed feedback and help us improve MakePrintable to meet your needs.

We’ve reduced the upload file size limit for free users to ensure we dedicate more server time for premium accounts.

General bug fixes. Nothing embarrassing just nothing to brag about.

Speed enhancements. Buckle up!

Changed our email templates. Everyone needs a new look from time to time.

In celebration of this milestone, we are offering a 50% promotion on your next upgrade. This offer can only be used once; so use it annually for maximum effect!

That’s it for this sprint; we will be working on speeding up our releases now that Mammoth has launched.

Your feedback is always welcome on baha@mxd3d.com.
Enjoy 3D Printing so much more.

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