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Happy new year everyone! How about a new MakePrintable UX-UI that repairs your Mesh faster, and simpler?

We are delighted to announce an update that should make your experience using MakePrintable much smoother! We’ve been hard at work improving our auto mesh repair process, updating the UI, enhancing the workflow, and SPEEDING UP the process!

Here’re some more details

More integrations:

If you haven’t noticed already! we have added some integrations that will allow you to import your 3D files easily from anywhere, we have Thingiverse, Google Drive and Box to simplify the way you fix your 3D files and speed the process for you.

MakePrintable's easy import STL file

Performance enhancements:

The Mesh auto repair process is now much faster in handling your files with increased speed that can reach up to 5X.

Improved fixer:

We’ve enhanced the triangulation of the fixer, removed the issues that cause spikes and cleaned the output.

Revamped workflow:

We’ve been looking for ways to improve our workflow and simplify it; we wanted to give you the best out of it so we thought that we should make the viewer larger with no scrolling required. We had also managed to reduce one of the steps, in efforts to save more time.

MakePrintable's Viewer showcases 3D Model that needs mesh repairDownload


Viewer updates:

  1. Our viewer has more features:
    1. Model color coding to know whether your model needs fixing.
    2. Volume of your 3D file.
    3. Center to pivot feature.
    4. Scale by unit values.

Flip on X,Y,Z.
MakePrintable's model during fixing

File Size:

Our polygon reduction algorithm is now better than ever, and the results are getting sharper with each release so make sure to set the output file polygon optimization to a value greater than 80%.

MakePrintable Poly reduction


We hope that you enjoy the new updates, and we wish you a happy and glamorous 2016!

Drop us a line with your feedback and suggestions. Have an awesome New Year’s eve.


CTO and Co-founder of Mixed Dimension.



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