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Low poly 3D models are not only easier to print but let’s admit it, they’ve got this cool distinctive look and who needs too many polygons anyway?

I’ve put together a list of my favorite LP3D prints.

First and foremost, and because I’m a Star Wars fan.

R2D2 and C3PO designed by Agustin Flowalistik

R2D2 and C3PO

For all Star Wars fans! 3D designer, Agustin Flowalistik got something for everyone from low poly Darth Vader, to Stormtroopers.

Get the designs here.

Low Poly 3D model #2: Pikachu


Another great one for Agustin Flowalistik, he’s got the whole set of Pokémon in low poly.

To download this Low-Poly Pikachu click here

Low Poly 3D model #3: Skull Night Light

Skull Night Light

I love this one and have it in my room. Gives a night light a creepy feel, but looks awesome. Find it here.

Low Poly 3D model #4: Tree Sculptures

Tree Sculptures
When my boss stressed out that we should all get an office plant, I decided to be a little witty and printed a few of these. “Luckily I still have my job”. Download it from Thingiverse

Low poly 3D model #5: Shark Wall Trophy

Shark Wall Trophy

Sharks symbolize fierceness, determination, and persistence. This low poly shark wall trophy is a good reminder to be THE SHARK when you need to be. Slavik, another great 3D designer who creates using Low Poly that you should look out for. You can get it from here

Low poly 3D model #6: Batman


Now I couldn’t resist this one, it’s batman!

This is from Pinshape

Low poly 3D model #7: Hulk

And this one. hehe

Download it from YouMagine

Low Poly 3D model #8: T-rex

For those who love you home desktop hacks, this one is for you!. This can be found on MyMiniFactory.

Low poly 3D model #9: Glasses Holder

Glasses Holder
If you like to keep your desk organized, this is a lovely low poly 3D design that can hold your glasses among other small stuff that you have. You can also find it on MyMiniFactory from here

Low poly 3D model #10: Wire Lamp

Low poly 3D models #10: Wire Lamp
This low poly unique 3D design can give a stylish vibe to your chill room. The 3D design can be found on Cults


I’m pretty sure there are more Low Poly Prints that I still haven’t discovered. Tweet us at @MakePrintable! I hope you enjoy printing them.

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