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Yes it is the season of….top ten lists. We add to the top ten fray by showing you the top ten 3D Printing videos of the year. We have three different lists for you. Top Ten 3D Printing Videos of 2016 in terms of number of views. The top ten 3D Printing videos of all time in terms of views. We also made a more subjective list of the Top Ten 3D Printing Videos in terms of their importance for 3D printing.

Top 10 3D Printing Videos of 2016(In views)

10. In place number TechSmartt tells us that there indeed is such a thing as a 3D Pancake Printer. A good example of a consumer relevant video done by a Youtuber.

9. 3D Printing Pens are big news and this is a 3D printing pen…with bubbles! I really don’t know how to feel about this.

8. Rainbow Girl reaches millions and this time she talks about laser cutters and 3D Printing.

7. Millions of people wish to know if you can make a functioning 3D printer out of Lego.

6. The world’s smallest 3D Printing pen.

5. What will consumers do with 3D Printing? 3D Print lip balm? Millions agree.

4. Or perhaps they’ll 3D print wheels for skateboards?

3. There has been a lot of hype surrounding Carbon. The news is exciting but CLIP and Carbon are not yet proven in an industrial setting. Exciting, yes. But, world changing? That remains to be seen.

2. Make Anything scores a YouTube hit with this 3D printed illusion thanks to Reddit.

1. And the most popular 3D printing video? This Spanish 3D printing video explaining 3D printing pens and craft.

What are the Top 10 3D Printing videos of all time in terms of views?

10. The Doodler 3D Printing pen Kickstarter video.

9. This video showing you a model of a working jet engine made on a 3D printer.

8. This informative video about 3D Printing.

7. Elders react to 3D printers.

6. This informative TV video about 3D printing.

5. Will a 3D Printed knife cut paper?

4. a 3D Printed spiderman mask.

3. Derby the dog using a 3D printed prosthetic.

2. This vice documentary on 3D Printed guns.

1. The amazing guys at X Robots showing you how to make a 3D Printed X men suit.

The Top Ten 3D Printing videos of 2016

10. The best explanation of 3D printing ever by ElectroBOOM.

9. Made In Space has made a 3D printer for use in space. This has gotten some press but the achievement is an incredible one, to make a machine that works in space to the safety requirements of the ISS space station is incredible. 3D Printing will play a crucial role in space exploration going forward letting crews manufacture repairs extending their stays in space.

8. 3D Printed ceramics have been used for over a decade. There are not as new as this video suggests but still the 3D printing of newer ceramic materials will greatly expand the use of 3D printers.

7. This 3D Printer slicer showdown by Maker’s Muse is super important. We don’t have definitive reviews and guides on 3D printers and software. This is a well informed video series made by people who know what they are talking about. This type of video is just what we need to bring more clarity to our industry.

6. Joris Laarman’s bridge project using MX3D which combines metal 3D printing with robot arms is atempting to make a steel bridge. The idea leans heavily on earlier work by Dirk van der Kooij but in comercializing a metal technology based on robot arm 3D printing Laarman does point the way forward to many different large scale 3D printing implementations.

5. HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology marks an important entry for a large company to enter our market. This will prompt many more to do so.

4. Ultimaker’s “Industrial Desktop” 3D Printer video. This shows us the movement up the value chain by desktop 3D printer OEM’s and is one of the most important developments in our industry right now. The desktop people are moving up and displacing the established industry.

3. This well produced GE Additive video shows us the future of 3D Printing as GE conceives it. This will have huge influence on our industry in terms of the company manufacturing machines, making its own parts and industrializing more technologies.

2. Steven Keating is an amazing MIT researcher and you’ll fall in love with his research once you see this video.

1. BAAM is just one of the technologies being commercialized by the US government and this shows us just how much of a role US government developed technologies will play in our future and what they will be used for.


Top 3D Printing Channels

10. Hoffman Engineering offers informative videos on 3D printing topics.

9. Make Anything delves into all kinds of 3D printing applications.

8. 3D Print Tech design gives us lots of good reviews.

7. CHEP is filled with practical 3D printing advice.

6. Joel the 3D Printing nerd is opinionated and full of good info.

5. Maker Muse has top ten lists, guides and advice.

4. has update videos on relevant news topics.

3. Thomas Sanladerer has very in depth and informative reviews on 3D printers.

2. James Bruton is the man behind the amazing Iron Man suit and other 3D printed robots.

1. The incomparable, more than human Barnacules Nerdgasm.

The Man..the myth..the Legend..barnacules.

The Man..the myth..the Legend..barnacules.


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