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Is every 3D file 3D printable?

There are millions of 3D files, and not all of them have been 3D printed. There is a big chance that individual files were developed for screen viewing and could have printability issues. We developed a 3D viewer and analyzer to help you identify printability issues.

The following are the different values you will get from the analysis:

Model issues This will indicate whether the model has any issues or not.
Non-manifold edges the number of non-manifold edges in the model (highlighted in red inside the editor).
Boundary edges: the number of boundary edges in the model (highlighted in magenta inside the editor).
Dimensions: the dimensions of the 3D model in centimeters as width, height and depth.
Object information: the number of triangles, number of vertices and the volume of the model.

The following are the different values you will get from the analysis

Here's a model that we can see has boundary edges. You will notice that it has 185 boundary edges. Zero non-manifolds and is yellowish which indicates that it is not printable.

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MakePrinable's viewer offers the following 3D editing features: