If you are looking for a convert feature, but can’t find the convert button on MakePrintable don’t worry, we offer this feature on all plans, and you will not locate the button. That's because there is no button. When you repair a model with MakePrintable, it rebuilds the polygon mesh, and you have the option to export in STL, OBJ, SVG, GCODE, and 3MF. For example, if you upload a .DAE file and repair it with MakePrintable you can export it as STL. We will convert your file automatically as a part of our repair process.

Format conversion is vital in 3D printing. here's why:

Most 3D editing tools use native file formats like .3DS, .ase, .lwo, .dae and others. 3D printers can only accept Gcode, which is usually be generated by slicers. Slicers, on the other hand, can allow STL , obj, 3mf, x3d. Through this process a single file may go through several different file types before it is 3D printed. With each conversion your mesh may be built up differently. Ultimately most of our users will either want to output directly in STL or Gcode to print. Our advice is to go as directly as possible from the original file to the end file for printing to make sure that multiple file conversions don’t mess with your design intent.

Check out how a video of how to convert a 3MF file to STL.

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