Repair your model

Now that you know your 3D model has an issue, it is time to repair it and ensure that it prints seamlessly.

Our patent pending fixer will try to understand your geometry and rebuild it into a printable form; this removes all issues that usually prevents a successful print including:

  1. Model issues:

    All intersecting geometries get connected, and proper geometry is generated to make sure that the model will print.

  2. Non-manifolds:

    Non-manifolds will be removed during the reconstruction process and our fixer ensures that a single edge shares only 2 faces.

  3. Boundary edges:

    Holes and open edges are either capped or thickened, the decision is made ccording to the size of the hole and whether boundary edges are actually representing a looping hole.

  4. Overlapping faces & duplicate triangles:

    any overlapping faces will be removed and new faces are generated in a topologically correct form.

  5. Flipped faces:

    the fixer will make sure faces are pointing into the right direction avoiding any slicing issues that might happen due to wrong face orientation in the 3D file.

A picture of MakePrintable's viewer showing a model with Boundary edges.

Boundary edges review image

After the repair process, we can see that all boundary edges have been repaired and the model is now ready for 3D printing.

The picture shows a Before and after comparison of a 3D model that was repaired using MakePrintable. The original on the left and the repaired on the right.

Boundary edges download image

One other benefit of repairing your model, includes saving print time. Not only does it save you time by ensuring print success from the first attempt, but since MakePrintable rebuilds your mesh, it removes all unneeded geometry from your meshÂ’s topology. We did an experiment on various models to see the how long it took a series of models to print with and without repairing the model. Below is our outcome of our results.

present car image
Model Design challenger

Without Fix

26.37 Hours

Fix with MakePrintable

21.02 Hours

Time Saved

5.35 Hours

Model Design helicopter

Without Fix

2.04 Hours

Fix with MakePrintable

2 Hours

Time Saved

4 Minutes

Model Design scorpion

Without Fix

4.26 Hours

Fix with MakePrintable

3.44 Hours

Time Saved

1.22 Hours

Model Design spaceship

Without Fix

5.27 Hours

Fix with MakePrintable

4.21 Hours

Time Saved

1.06 Hours

Model Design porsche

Without Fix

14.32 Hours

Fix with MakePrintable

10.46 Hours

Time Saved

4.26 Hours

Looking to repair models with texture? Find out more here.

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Having problems printing a 3D model? Repair it now!