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Hopefully in the near future Desktop 3D printers will be able to 3D print in full color. Currently a number of technologies such as Objet Polyjet, Mcor and 3D Systems Color Jet Printing can 3D Print in color. We expect that over the next few years more full color 3D Printing technologies will be invented and brought to you. We like to be ahead of the curve so want to build you the software and mesh repair tools you will need in the future now. That’s why we’ve added texture repair to MakePrintable.

Adding a texture to your model is one of the easiest ways to add color and full color to 3D Prints. Until now it was difficult or nearly impossible to repair a file for 3D Printing while preserving these textures. You can add a texture to a number of 3D Printing files in order to add a pattern, add color or make that model full color. Textures and texture maps are also used often in 3D modeling and in games.

When you want to print your model in full color, then you want to preserve that file’s textures. After the repair process, you will need to generate one texture for the final output.

Additionally your model might be comprised of multiple materials and each material can be made of various textures, this is problematic especially when you have multiple intersecting objects, and each object contains multiple textures. We’ve build the software for you to be able to do these complex operations automatically.

MakePrintable Texture support

To enable texture support click on advance repair and in the configuration process enable texture support. See image below

Our texture support feature will generate one texture file for your model. We then also repair all of the issues that prevent your models from printing in color.

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