Why Workflows?

We know for a fact that your workflow is unique and we want to make sure the process of getting your files 3D print-ready as seamless as possible. We are introducing our flexible and powerful workflow building feature where you can build customized workflows that fit your needs using a continuously growing set of nodes and procedures that fasten and optimize your 3D printing experience. Using a straightforward graphical user interface where you can grab and connect each node and feature.

Whether you want to repair your files or prepare and pack a set of models to fit within your printer, our powerful workflow building tool is there to make the process seamless, easy and fast. You build your workflow once and run it on your files with a single click, saving you valuable time and effort.

Check out this video on how to create and run your own workflows

Current Available Nodes

We have a large set of nodes that allow you to build a unique and powerful workflow that fits your needs.

Main Repair Tool Repair your model for 3D Printing using our latest repair algorithm mammoth. It retains your model’s structural integrity.
Analyzer Get an in-depth analysis of your 3D Model’s mesh and Printability.
Convert Convert your model to one of these file formats. Stl, Obj, 3MF.
Holes Closing Close holes in your mesh that has a smaller value the parameter length you input.
Reduce Polygon Count Reduce the number of polygons/triangles in your model’s mesh.
Grader Get a 5-star rating of your 3D model’s printability. 0 low, 5 Good to print.
Transform Move your model along the x, y, and z-axis.
Mirror Switch your model from left to right, or from top to bottom.
G-Code Reverser Reverse the Gcode file back into an STL, or OBJ.
Dicom Converter Turn medical files into 3D Printable ones, using this tool.
Packing Pack your models neatly on the printer bed to maximize your build potential.
Slic3r Slice your model on the cloud to avoid, cramming your computer's CPU.
Secondary Repair Tool Use our previous repair algorithm, its good for smoothing out rough surfaces.
Thumbnail Generator Easily identify your models by adding a png thumbnail to them.