• What does the hollowing feature do? And benefit do I get from using it?
    Hollowing re- mesh's your Model, removing all the inside mesh's turning it empty from the inside. It will also add an escape hole to allow material to flow through it. It's perfect if you would like to reduce the material cost of your 3D print, as it removes time and material expenditure.
  • When importing files from Google Drive or Box, My Models section is empty?
    It usually happens when you log in from Facebook, Box, Google or another social login. The email address associated with your social login is different than the one you used to sign up for MakePritnable. To access your old files, just sign out and sign back in with your initial email account.
  • What are the benefits of using MakePrintable?
    MakePrintable is the easiest and fastest way for you to take a 3D modeling or CAD file and automatically repair holes, repair non-manifold issues, check for watertightness and optimize and repair the file for 3D printing.
  • What is the cost of repairing my STL file?
    All analysis and repairs are for free, and unlimited so feel free to fix as many STL or other 3d models as you like. We provide each plan with a set number of downloads each month. Feel free to pick any of the models you would like to download. Each monthly plan has a download quota.
  • What is the difference between the Free and other plans?
    The free plan allows you to analyze and repair unlimited amount of models, and download only 3 of those models monthly. The Premium (Pro and Plus) offers everything that the free plan offers but includes more monthly downloads each month. In addition to premium features like wall thickness adjuster.
  • Which users are signing up for Plus?
    The Plus plan is ideal for anyone who prints between 25-50 models a month, and faulty prints faulty prints are a cost and inconvenience for them. Mostly we notice print shops, architects, product designers, set designers, and consultants mostly on this plan.
  • Is MakePrintable for free?
    We have a free and premium (Pro and Plus) plans. We recommend everyone try the free version first and try out the Pro version using our two-week trial, and select the plan that works best for their 3D Printing needs.
  • What 3D file format can I upload?
    You can upload one of these 3D file formats: 3ds Max 3DS (.3ds) 3ds Max ASE (.ase) AC3D (.ac) AutoCAD DXF (.dxf) Collada (.dae) DirectX X (.x) Filmbox (.fbx) G-Code (.gcode) Industry Foundation Classes (.ifc) LightWave (.lwo) Milkshape 3D (.ms3d) Modo (.lxo) Quake III Map/BSP (.pk3) Stanford Polygon