How It Works

Step 1
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Upload 3D Model

Upload your model and texture file if any or import from my models or from your cloud storage

Step 2
Print Step 1
Print Finish and Size

3D Print your model in full color if texture is provided or select your preferred color with our color picker

Step 3
Print Step 1

We’ll 3D print your model using our model optimization and special 3D print technology

Step 4
Print Step 1
Package and Shipping

Once your Collectible is printed. we’ll ship it to your door step

Available Finishes

Full Color

Strong, plastic full color print printed with a UV Inkjet printer.

Single Color

Strong, plastic with the color of your choice. printed with UV inkjet3D Printer

Available Finishes

Samples Gallery

Start Now and Upload and Print Your 3D Model

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